\r\n The old traders’ adage “better to travel than arrive” has been true in 2017. Last year wa...
\r\n President Donald Trump signed on 28 March 2017 an executive order to unravel former President B...
\r\n According to some scientists, the fingerprint of human-caused climate change has been found on ...
\r\n Australia’s federal government has announced it will ratify and implement the OPCAT Treaty, O...
\r\n Nurses and teachers are among those bearing the brunt of a debt crisis rooted in the mistaken b...

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Farah Paolo Davide, DUMPING E ANTI-DUMPING (with Roberto Soprano), Il Sole 24 OreNovember 2009, pp. XXIV-183, ISBN: 978-88-6345-058-3 foreword by Prof. Giorgio Sacerdoti (Full professor of International law, former President and Member of the Appellate Body at the WTO). 
Book reviews appeared on the Legal Issues of Economic Integration (Kluwer)China-EU Law Journal (Springer)Diritto comunitario e degli scambi internazionali (Editoriale Scientifica).
Farah Paolo Davide, ENERGY: POLICY, LEGAL AND SOCIAL-ECONOMIC ISSUES UNDER THE DIMENSIONS OF SUSTAINABILITY AND SECURITY (with Piercarlo Rossi), World Scientific Reference on Globalisation in Eurasia and the Pacific Rim, Imperial College Press (London, United Kingdom) & World Scientific Publishing, November 2015. ISBN: 978-9814447843.
Cover, Table of Contents, Preface, Introduction, Acknowledgements and Forward of this book can be downloaded here.
This Volume is part of a 4 Book-Set published by

World Scientific Reference on Globalisation in Eurasia and the Pacific Rim

(In 4 Volumes)
Volume 1: Foreign Investment
Volume 2: Innovation
Volume 3: Energy: Policy, Legal and Social-Economic Issues under the Dimensions of Sustainability and Security
Volume 4: Migration: Economic Drivers of Contemporary Labour Mobility in East Asia

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