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Pollution represents the most severe problem that currently affects Chinese environmental safety, as a core element of the political agenda.

China has inaugurated a special environmental court: the country’s first specialized judiciary organ in this field, in the realm of the Chinese war on pollution announced by the government.

The creation of this specialized court represents an instrument to fight the major environmental issues which are air, soil and water pollution, stressing the Chinese commitment to tackle the strong impact of pollution with stricter measures.

The court, established in the southern province of Fujian, has appointed 12 marine, agricultural, mineral specialist consultants who will assist litigators on technical issues, providing technical consultation and interpretation.

According to the deputy chief justice of the high court, Fujian represents the China's first ecological civilization demonstration zone, at the forefront in the aim to explore and pilot judicial safeguard of the environment.

Data highlight that since 2009, many county and city-level courts in the province have started to establish divisions specializing in mining, forestry, water and resources, atmosphere and water pollution cases.

In line with that, the court has launched judiciary measures in order to protect and restore the environment, instructing violators of environmental laws about their responsibility for reparations after environmental damages.

In a context characterized by high growth and rapid industrialization, several environmental scandals have worsened the Chinese environmental safety in recent years. In order to face the severe threats represented by climate change and pollution, the Chinese government has undertaken stricter strategies to address environmental issues.

In relation to this commitment, the government has recently announced a new environmental law that imposes stronger sanctions on polluters.


The gLAWcal Team

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

(Source: Chinadaily)