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According to the Nuclear Industry Association, nuclear power represents one of the cheapest low-carbon technologies. Additionally nuclear power can play a significant role as part of a cost-effective portfolio of technologies to decarbonize the power sector.

Some experts have outlined that investing in nuclear would be costly gamble because of rising renewable energy output. In relation to that, some experts have shown that the UK needs a mix of low-carbon sources of energy, including nuclear energy. Renewable energy cannot provide sufficient power to the grid even though the UK gets as much as 15% of its electricity from these sources. Consequently, the government should focus on a combination of both sources of energy, establishing a cost-effective portfolio of technologies.

In this context, an ambitious plan for building new nuclear plants could represent the adequate mechanism to guarantee a greater proportion of the electricity needed in the UK. In addition to that, nuclear can furnish a continuous supply to the electricity grid: unlike renewables that will be reliant on the elements.

Studies from the government have calculated that by 2025 the UK will need 60GW of new electricity generating capacity and the adequate infrastructure to run it. Estimates show that 5GW would come from renewables and 25GW would come from other sources, including nuclear power.

Furthermore, the government has outlined the other possible benefits determined by these policies: for instance, the establishing of this new nuclear capacity will mean thousands new jobs.

Thanks to this new program, the UK will boost its secure low carbon electricity generation, in parallel to renewables. In this way, the country can continue to decarbonize its energy supply, contributing to economic growth and high quality jobs.


The gLAWcal Team

The EPSEI project

Saturday, 26 July 2014

(source: The Guardian)