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According to the Nestlé’s chair, water scarcity represents one of the most challenging issues of the international agenda. Water related issues are even more urgent than climate change, Nestle says.

The former chief executive of Nestlé has strongly suggested that water needs to become the main priority to world leaders. Although political discussions involve climate change related issues, nobody talks about the water situation in this sense, Nestle argues.

The world is running out of water: governments need to establish adequate measures to overcome this alarming situation.

Nestlé represents one of the world’s largest food companies. Despite its comments, the company is facing severe criticism for its water bottling activities in California, as the area suffers one of its toughest droughts on record.

Data show that Nestlé’s 383,000 square-foot water bottling plant is located on the Morongo Band of Mission Indians’ reservation in California.

In this context, the state has declared a drought state of emergency this year, in preparation for coming water shortages, especially during the summer months. However, Nestlé is not required to comply with the emergency measures because its plant sits on a Native American reservation.

In relation to this situation, local residents are concerned about the amount of water that Nestlé is drawing from the area to bottle and export.

To answer the critics, the company has highlighted its commitment to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, focusing on water and energy conservation. Nestlé has highlighted the importance of its sustainable measures designed to prevent adverse impacts to local area groundwater resources, particularly in light of California’s drought conditions.


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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

(Source: The Independent)