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Hanwha Group and Hanwha SolarOne today officially announced that it will donate a 30 KWh solar PV system providing continuous power support to Xiegou Town Center Primary School in Datong County, Qinghai Province, China. As a partnership between Hanwha SolarOne and the China Youth Development Foundation, this forms another important milestone in Hanwha Group's signature corporate responsibility program - 'Happy Sunshine' in China.

Beside improving overall conditions of local schools and supporting its long-term development, the program plays a key role in enabling teachers and students to better understand the value of sustainable development.

Commissioned by the Hanwha Group, Hanwha SolarOne will create specially design and install a 30 KWh distributed rooftop PV system tailored for the Xiegou Town Center Primary School in Datong County, Qinghai Province. The project is estimated to yield an estimated 54,000 KWh of solar energy every year for the Xiegoue Town Center Primary School, which is equivalent to RMB 40,000 in annual electricity fees.

Hanwha Group donated and installed another 30 KWh distributed rooftop PV system for the Hope Primary School in Wufeng County, Hubei Province in the previous year, and this year's donation for Xiegou Town Center Primary School signifies the continued expansion and achievements in the company's corporate social responsibility in China.

Mr. Seong-Woo Nam, Chief Executive Officer of Hanwha SolarOne, stated during the signing ceremony, "We are honoured to be able to leverage our strength and contribute to the 'Hope program' to improve overall education and wellbeing of children in remote areas in China. Looking ahead, we are committed to continue expanding our corporate responsibility footprint in China through cooperating with public welfare organizations and trade associations so to continue helping people in need."


The gLAWcal Team

POREEN project

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

(Source: The Wall Street Journal)