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Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group,William Ding, founder and CEO of Netease, and Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi, Chinese smartphone supplier and other China internet giants are optimistic about the future of internet.

"The way to reduce or avoid fake products should rely on the Internet. Maybe 20 years from now, our e-commerce will make a bigger contribution to solving the problem of counterfeit articles and infringement of intellectual property. Every purchase on an e-commerce platform is recorded, and the tracks of fake goods can be followed. Internet technology is a better tool to protect IP rights and crack down on counterfeits. This task cannot be fulfilled when we leave cyberspace", Jack Ma says.

According to Lei Jun "mobile phones are more powerful than our laptops. With the rapid development of global connectivity, the future mobile phone will connect our office, home and different private devices. It will become one part of us, like a close lover."

"More and more Chinese are considering making a product using a crowd funding mechanism. Previously, you had to estimate the market scale, but now we find that crowd funding can be applied to various industries, such as movie and drama production. The value of the Internet, I think, is affecting decision-making and traditional behaviour", William Ding says.

Robin Li of Baidu believes that "the mobile device outweighing the PC could be a permanent change, and revenue and profits will follow accordingly when customers are satisfied."

"Many people said Alibaba and my company compete. Yes, the competition cannot be ignored, but the commercial mode of our companies is totally different. When my business started, I wanted to solve the problems of costs and efficiencies in Chinese business. I carried about 10,000 yuan to Zhonguancun after graduating, but I did not know what I could do. What I loved was the IT atmosphere and started my own business with dreams", Liu Qiangdong of Inc. concludes. 


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Monday, 24November2014

(Source: China Daily USA)