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Beijing Tongrentang, a famedtime-honoured brand of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry, has made a big step forward in opening the Oceanian market. It is trying to promote TCM’s globalization bycooperating with local universities and partners.

With over 340 years of history, Tong-rentang has successfully transformed itself from a time-honoured Chinese brand to an international trademark. It creates the dual Tongrentang pharmacy-clinic model of providing both medicine and diagnosis.

In 2004, Tongrentang started to enter the Oceanian market. In September 2014, Tongrentang opened four new pharmacies in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the early October, Tongrentang signeda memorandum of cooperation with UWS, in which both sides agreed tolaunch joint scientific research on the safety of TCM ingredients and promote TCM’s modernization and popularize it in the international market.The cooperation has set an example in the promotion of TCM’s globalization.

Tongrentang alsoexpressed its desire to increasecooperation with local partners in health preservation, healthcare, product development, and combining Western medicine with traditional Chinese therapies when visiting New Zealand and Australia.

Australia is the first Western country to recognize TCM and establish a stringent registration system.In July 2012, TCM became part of the country’s National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for Health Professions.

Tongrentang is distinctive as both an economic entity and a TCM cultural ambassador to the global market. Cultural diffusion, effective medicine and excellent medical skill are the secret of Tongrentang’s successful overseas development. And it will see more opportunities and challenges in the future.


The gLAWcal Team

LIBEAC project

Sunday, 30November2014

(Source: China Today)