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Baidu, one of the Chinese top Internet service providers, has established its literature branch brand, Baidu Literature, to work on the most unique feature of China’s online literature.

Online literature sources consist of novels which the authors update daily with new content. And millions of Chinese will refresh their browsers or apps everyday just to keep up with the latest daily updates of their favourite reads. This is a unique feature of Chinese online literature.

The number of readers clinging to online literature is so huge that Baidu has decided ona big move to make the most of it - Baidu Literature, which will coordinate all its online services and resources to create new online literary popular writers, and develop literary derivatives, such as movies, dramas, animation and games.

Baidu Literature intends to continue its practice of launching interactive events - both online and offline - to promote online writers and their works, while paying great attention to patent protection.

Since Baidu has a wide range of online services and has accumulated numerous users over the years, it has many advantages to do so. What’s more, this might be a new style for the development of literary and artistic creations in China.

The gLAWcal Team

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Wednesday, 3 December2014

(Source: China Daily)