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This new concept is becoming potentially a reality: an architect suggested building floating gardens offering endless food supplies.

Without a doubt, global population is rising and so is a food production as well. How do we fight the hungry demands that are growing?

Many architects are interested in this problem and trying to come up with more new ideas. One caught our eyes: Javier Ponce from Forward Thinking Architecture designed a floating farm.

As Ponce said: “One subject which caught my attention was food risk and the current trend of importing massive amounts of food from one place to another causing a huge environmental problem.” He was inspired by floating farms created by Mayan agriculture.

Those floating gardens are built over freshwater lakes by layers with a cycle of decomposition and irrigation. Each layer is used in a different way: the first one for fishing operations. The second uses treated water for growing plants and crops, without needing any rain. And finally at the top floor, there are solar plants and irrigation tools.

Even if the project is ambitious, it can be done for some expert and can help solving hungry demands that is doomed to grow.


The gLAWcal Team

POREEN project

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

(Source: Vice)


This news has been realized by gLAWcal—Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development in collaboration with University Institute of European Studies (IUSE) in Turin (Italy) which is beneficiary of the European Union Research Executive Agency IRSES Project “Partnering Opportunities between Europe and China in the Renewable Energies and Environmental iNdustries” - POREEN, Work-package 4.