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Connections between president elect’s team and Russia, as well as the despairing remarks about civil rights and veteran John Lewis have left several boycotting Friday’s election. A meeting between president Elect Donald Trump and Martin Luther King III, the oldest child of Martin Luther King Jr. stated that his meeting with Trump was to make it “easier for everyone to vote”.

Although the supreme court struck down the key elements of the 1965 Voting Rights Act it seems like Trump may be on board with going back to the spirit of it. However, Doris Crenshaw is well on board passing those who will not be in attendance of the inauguration saying that they are “making a true statement against his politics”.

King’s statement that “things have been said on both sides,” and that “we have got to move forward,” will still not make Cornel William Brooks attend the inauguration. While Trump launched a fierce attack on Lewis saying he was “all talk.” On Monday, Lewis spoke in honor of the MLK holiday at a breakfast in Miami saying he would not be where he was in his career without Martin Luther King Jr.

Many of those not attending the inauguration are going to the Women’s March instead in hopes to send a message for a bigger movement says Kaylin Whittingham. The idea is that if you are not siding with this movement you are indeed siding with what Trump stands for. On the other hand, many others, such as congressman Mark DeSaulnier, is not going due to his belief of Trumps conflict of interest with his business empire.


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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

(Source: The Guardian)