\r\n The old traders’ adage “better to travel than arrive” has been true in 2017. Last year wa...
\r\n President Donald Trump signed on 28 March 2017 an executive order to unravel former President B...
\r\n According to some scientists, the fingerprint of human-caused climate change has been found on ...
\r\n Australia’s federal government has announced it will ratify and implement the OPCAT Treaty, O...
\r\n Nurses and teachers are among those bearing the brunt of a debt crisis rooted in the mistaken b...

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{tab 2015}

Issue no. 1, 2015: Actions and Plans against Climate Change. Towards the 2015 Paris Climate Summit


{tab 2014}

Issue no. 25, 2014: IPRs Regulation: China, Hong Kong and India

Issue no. 24, 2014: Climate Change and Environmental Protection in China

Issue no. 23, 2014: Human Rights  and Information Society : Africa’s Digitization, Access to Information and Internet Rights in Africa

Issue no. 22, 2014: Tech Market in India & China and IP Initiatives.

Issue no. 21, 2014: Digital Rights, Internet Freedom and Digital Economy.

Issue no. 20, 2014: The Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Issue no. 19, 2014: Internet Governance.

Issue no. 18, 2014: Global Threats and Trends Toward Sustainable Development. Environmental Issues in United Kingdom.

Issue no. 17, 2014: Climate Change and Its Impact on Food, Water and the Environment.

Issue no. 16, 2014: Healthcare Policy in the World.

Issue no. 15, 2014: Pollution, Health and Healthcare in China. Health Law & Policy.


Issue no. 12, 2014: Sustainable Energy in an Interconnected World.

Issue no. 11, 2014: Sustainable Development. Globalization and Trade Issues.

Issue no. 10, 2014 : The Respect of Human Rights. Insights on Labour Law and Its Violations. 

Issue no. 9, 2014 : The Impact of Climate Change. Polluted Environment. Health Effects of Pollution.

Issue no. 8, 2014: Corporations & Environmental Responsibility. China: Environmental & Labour Issues.

Issue no. 7, 2014: Digital Rights: Censorship and Access to Information.

Issue no. 6, 2014: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Environment & Pollution. Sustainable Business.       


Issue no. 3, 2014: Climate Change and Renewable Energy.

Issue no. 2, 2014: Indigenous Communities. Folklore’s Support. The Safeguarding of Cultural Property in Times of War and Peace.

Issue no. 1, 2014: China’s Climate Challenges. Fracking in UK. Environmental Hazards Perception.